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Pachalo´s Mandanga

la mandanga de PachaloAsking for a hot mandanga anywhere in Cuba will surely be greeted with a smirk or laugh. In most parts of the country the “mandanga” is a slang word referring to the male sexual organ, that is, everywhere with the exception of Yara, Bayamo and nearby villages. Here, the mandanga is one of the most traditional dishes of the region. The gastronomic region of Bayamo, which includes the Cauto planes (the Cauto is the country’s longest river), Sigue leyendo Pachalo´s Mandanga

The Bayamo Sausage, Columbus Gift

Paladar- Doña Fina  7396The first to introduce sausages to the New World was Cristopher Columbus, who brought them over on his first trip. Columbus enjoyed having wine with pieces of sausage, which in the bars of Spain were called “tapas”, the Spanish word for “lids”, a name given to these bits of cold meats because they served as lids on the glasses of wine to prevent flies from dropping inside Sigue leyendo The Bayamo Sausage, Columbus Gift

Una ayaca que está mal, es tamal y no está mal*

Algunas leyendas indoamericanas sostienen que el hombre proviene del maíz. Si seguimos la tesis de que somos lo que comemos, entonces no resulta tan absurdo que aquellas civilizaciones mesoamericanas que tenían como alimento básico el maíz lo considerasen sagrado y la propia génesis del hombre.

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Here comes Dad with Boniatos


In the previous edition we introduced many facts on the boniato, a sweet potato very important in Cuban traditional cuisine. In order to cover all of the benefits this versatile plant has to offer we had to divide the article in two parts. In the first part we talked about the boniato´s contribution up to the time of our wars of independence. A lot still remains to be said because this sweet potato continued holding its own in Cuban meals and has been faithful through good and bad times up until today.

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