Hello World


This blog´s just come to life, my intention´s to show my friends the marvels of this magic piece of land in the Caribbean, which is Cuba.

I enjoy every inch of it, its mountains, rivers and waterfalls, idyllic beaches, and caves embroidering the land…. but most of all, I love its warm and noble people.

Welcome to this Cuba, which has been seen by my eyes and crossed by my steps.

10696392_1492958090983978_9079214837928294553_nTraducción realizada por: Lic. Sandor Cisneros Fonseca Graduado de Lengua Inglesa en la Universidad de Oriente. Especialista de Comercialización del Producto Turístico.

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  1. I think the idea of translating the blog into English is a great way of making it understandable to everyone. Well thought out! Now all persons can enjoy our wonderful country and its nature!

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