Santiago´s Sorcerer´s Stone

Gran Piedra Santiago de CubaWould J. K. Rowling write about it if she has the chance to go there? Would it be a mash hit like the Harry Potter saga? Might be. I just know that Santiago de Cuba´s La Gran Piedra (The Great Stone) looks like if someone had put it there by using a very powerful spell.Costa sur vista desde la Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba. viajandoxcubaOur driver put the car into gear, lowered the music volume and started driving up-hill. He was concentrated, aware that his driving skills were going to be put to the test by the constantly winding, ascending road. The rest of the passengers, including me, simply enjoyed the marvelous sight unfolding before us. Our goal was 1225m above the sea level.

paisaje de la Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba. viajandoxcuba

Someone got dizzy so we had to make a quick stop; fortunately, he was immediately attended by the rest of the crew. The incident served for many as an excuse to take pictures of the nice scenery.

Gran Piedra, subida, Santiago de Cuba. viajandoxcuba

We reached the cottages at the base of the stone, parked and began climbing. Now the top of the stone was only 452 steps away from us. The quest for the Stone was about to be achieved but still some effort was required.
vista desde la Gran Piedra. Santiago de Cuba. viajandoxcuba
And there was it! An awesome 51m long, 30 meters wide structure, weighting approximately 63 000 tons, overlooking Santiago de Cuba City on one side and the southern shore on the other. As tire as we were, we decided to visit the nearby French settlers coffee plantations, but…that is some other story!el ascenso a la Gran Piedra. vaijandoxcuba

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  1. Waoooo! Amazing! I wonder how such a colosal rock ended up so perfectly balanced on that height. Nice article and good pictures, it seems to be that Cuba has always a new awesome thing to show.

  2. Wounderful article and I loved the pictures, it really describes The Great Stone in Santiago de Cuba that it is an amazing experience, i had the opportunity of being there last year, it is a long journy but when you get to the top you forget everything else.

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