Journey to the center of the Sierra…de Cubitas.

I like so much the traveling blog of my friend Domingo Cuza that I
asked him a chance to publish my own pictures in it. As he kindly
accepted, I’ll take you to a very peculiar landscape regarding
Camagüey’s geography: join me in a journey to ecologic reserve
Limones-Tuabaquey, right in the middle of the Sierra de Cubitas.

12006815_898378596908446_1919684792_oThe Sierra is some 40km away from the capital city, and it is one of
the few hilly types of scenery within the vast flat lands of Camagüey.
The highest elevation in the entire province, the Cerro de Tuabaquey,
is located precisely in the Sierra de Cubitas, a 330m high hill.

Sierra de cubitas, Camaguey

There are some requirements you need to fulfill before going into the
woods: strong shoes or boots, cap or hat, sun glasses, insect
repellent (optional), long sleeves shirt (preferably) water, juice or
any other hydrating liquid. Ready? Then let’s make a quick stop at the
visitor’s center and off we go into the woods.


If you love bird-watching, then you will appreciate your visit to
Limones-Tuabaquey. I had to be very fast to capture a Cuban
nightingale, the Cuban trogon was much more “understanding” and stay
still for a while. My short bird knowledge prevented me from
identifying the other bird. Do you know its name?


Now we are really into the forest. The first stop is at Paso de los
Paredones. Tectonic movements from millions of years ago separated
these amazing stone walls.

Palmas de Sierra de Cubitas , Camaguey

The guide and my friend Francisco, manager of Ecotur Travel Agency, go
ahead while a take the pictures.


History is also remembered there. Specially General Manuel de Quesada
and his troop. Quesada was Carlos Manuel de Céspedes´ brother in law
and was also related to Ignacio Agramonte.


Avoid stepping on this animal!!!! Besides belonging to the
environment, it smells real bad.12019196_898386616907644_768432930_o

The landscape enchants you with lots of ferns and logs of fallen trees.

Foto 11

I watched the awesome Hoyo de Bonet, an impressive 90m deep, 300m wide
karst hollow from the safety spot provided by the fence.

Foto 12

We came back in order to go into Cueva Santa Teresa. But first, a
hunting little snake crossed our path. It moved so fast that I
couldn’t focus well


Some Cuban rodents live within the cave but the most important thing
is that you can find Cuban natives’ pictographs in it.


We have to come back some other time to climb Limones viewpoint, the
Tuabaquey Hill or admire the Paso de Lesca. Have a big hug from
Camagüey. See you!


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  1. Hace un tiempo recibì una invitaciòn para conocer este lugar de belleza increible, un compromiso de trabajo me impidiò ir; no pude contener mi pesar cuando vi las fotos…es una visita pendiente. Gracias por la informaciòn!

  2. Me gusta la forma tan sencilla de presentar la naturaleza misma de nuestra querida isla.
    Les felicito por la idea de este blog y les deseo muchos exitos en su trabajo de promocion.
    Esta perfectamente concebido y representa fielmente el Producto Naturaleza de Cuba.
    Necesito colaboradores como ustedes para nuestra Revista Guantanamera Magazine !
    Un abrazo desde Turquia ! Blanca Nieves Garcia Cruz

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