Charco Prieto Tour*

la primera vista Since I saw the Charco in some pictures this place stole my heart, ours was love at first sight, immediately we said, let´s go there.


The journey starts by car from Bayamo to Guisa Town and then a 7 km walk through a beautiful rural landscape

DSC09026 DSC09057 DSC09040


Charco Prieto has everything: a cave, cliffs, underground rivers, tropical fruits and landscapes of extraordinary beauty.



* Traducción realizada por: Lic. Zenia Bermudez López. Graduada de Lengua Inglesa y Francesa
en la Universidad de Holguín «Oscar Lucero Moya»

Un pensamiento sobre “Charco Prieto Tour*”

  1. I believe every word here said: the place has it all!
    My 7-year-old boy and I went there (actually, it´s us in one of the pics) and have always wanted to come back.

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